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Monday, March 9, 2009

Rosanne's Publications and Poetry Work

67 Edgewood Road, Port Washington, NY 11050



Poetry Books

Miriam Haskell (forthcoming).
The Shoemaker’s Children (forthcoming).
Learning to Swim in the Ocean (forthcoming).
Psyche and Amor, collaboration with Eugene Richie (Amherst: Factory Hollow Pres, 2009).
Place du Carousel, collaboration with Eugene Richie (Vilna: Zilvinas & Daiva, 2000).
Other Selves (New York: Painted Leaf, 1999).
No Archive on Earth (New York: Gnosis Press, 1995).
The Lacemakers (New York: Gnosis Press, 1992).
Apple Perfume, Intuflo Editions (New York: Groundwater Press, 1989); introduction by Ruth Stone.
Willing Suspensions (Bloomington, IN, 1975).
Pomes (Louisville, KY: Innominate Press, 1971).

Poems in Journals and Magazines

“For Dara.” Thumbnail 1 (April 2010). Print.
“Limits” and “Steak & Eggs.” Video recordings for THEthe Poetry (December 2010).
“Limits.” THEthe Poetry (November 2010).
“Stringing the Crinoids.” notnostrums 4 (2010).
“Missed Call” in Pirene’s Fountain (October 2009).
“Qui Vive, Qui Vire,” Pirene’s Fountain (May 2009).

Six Choices from “Sonnets from the Brazilian,” Specs Journal 2.
“Our Lady of Quelques Choses,” “Local Soul,” and “Learning to Swim in the Ocean,” Cimarron Review 158 (2007).
“Grove,” “Joy,” and “ Forgetfulness,” Electronic Poetry Journal 7 (2004).

“Spirit” in GoodFoot Magazine 5 (20030.
“Why Poetry?” in Hear This (2002).
“Listening to Reason,” “Afikomen,” “Visionary Menus,” “Already in the Fire,” and “Stay Home,” Slope 17 (2002).

“Montage Sequencing” in Can We Have Our Ball Back? 13,
“Laps” and “Finish” in Shampoo 15 (2002), .
“Sparkly Moon” and “The Last of January on the Hudson” in GoodFoot Magazine 2 (2001).
“Here Are Your Options,” Bad Henry Review, 1998.
“Crepes Dentelles,” “The Combs” (with John Ash), “Eurydice in Love,” “Sappho’s Hymn to
Aphrodite,” and “Journal Entry (May 10, 1994),” Online edition of Poetry New York (1998).
“Cut to the Chase,” Caprice, 1997.
“Journal Entry,” Poetry New York, 1997.
“Swansneck Valentine” and “A Perfect Sleeping Night,” Private, 1996.
“Inuit and Seal,” “A Fine Romance,” and “Sunset with Venetian Blinds,” Gnosis (Moscow), 1995.
“Caffeine,” Caprice, 1995. (Also featured in cover photograph in this issue.)
“The Hawthorne Circle,” Caprice, 1995.
“Fire-Ender,” “Wings Will Fly You,” “At Diamond Park,” collaborations with Eugene Richie,
Private, 1995.
“Ship’s Medicine,” Lingo, 1994.
“A Personal Friend,” Caprice, 1993.
“Putting in a Word,” Boulevard, 1993.
“Shanghai Lil,” Private, 1992.
“The City of Beautiful Circles,” American Letters and Commentary, 1991.
“Thank You for the Present, Those Two Books”; and “Departure for Cythera,” a collaboration with John Ash, Joe Soap’s Canoe, 1990.
“Crepes Dentelles,” Poetry New York, 1989.
“Pillow Dreams of a Woman She Loves,” Caliban, 1989.
“View from Jane’s Window,” Mudfish, 1988.
“Sappho’s Phainetai Moi” and “A Reading of Agathias,” Mudfish, 1987.
“The Greek Revival Columns Long for Rose Street” and “Journal Entry,” Numbers, 1987.
“Buskins and Robins,” “Dark Furniture,” “Interview with Elpenor,” and “Inuit and Seal,” Sulfur, 1987.
“Eurydice in Love” and “The Combs,” collaborations with John Ash, Poetry New York, 1987.
“Valkyrie/Amor” and “What is Love?,” Bad Henry Review, 1987.
“Bread Made of Pearls,” Bookstore Review, 1987.
“A Provinical Synagogue,” Gambit, 1987.
“Women Reading Flesh,” Talus, 1987.
“Hymn to Aphrodite,” Poetry New York, 1985.
“Scotch Jazz,” collaboration with Eugene Richie, City, 1980.
“Thin Air” and “The Order in the Wooden House,” Gnosis, 1979.
“Eight O’Clock in Goshen” and “Laundromat,” City, 1977.
“Early March, Driving to Louisville,” Euterpe, 1977.
“Steak & Eggs” and “A Man in Love with the Color Red,” City, 1976.

Poems in Anthologies
From “Boustrophedon,” Disco Prairie Social Aid and Pleasure Club. Amherst: Factory Hollow Press, 2010.
“Holes in the Plot,” Blood and Tears: Poems for Matthew Shepard, ed. Scott Gibson (New York: Painted Leaf, 1999).
“The Hero Herself,” “A Provincial Synagogue,” and “His Craft,” Hardboot: An Anthology of Kentucky Voices, ed. Virginia Shipley, Negative Capability Press.
“Moon-Milk Sestina,” The Breast: An Anthology, ed. Marin Gazzinga (New York: Global City Press,
“Putting in a Word,” The Best American Poetry of 1994, ed. A. R. Ammons (New York: Macmillan, 1994).
“Spring at Aughwick Creek,” Broadway 2: A Poets and Painters Anthology, ed. James Schuyler and Charles North (New York: Hanging Loose Press, 1989).
“Inuit and Seal,” The Best American Poetry of 1988, ed. John Ashbery (New York: Macmillan, 1988).
Sappho’s “Phainetai Moi” and “Hymn to Aphrodite,” translations, in Humanities I Sourcebook, ed. Joe
Salemi (New York: New York University Press, 1987).
“Three Marches to Miss the Victory,” Epiphanies: The Prose Poem Now, ed. George Myers, Jr.
(Westerville, OH: Cumberland, 1987).
“Ritual,” “Blueberries,” and “Sandwich Glass,” Gnosis Anthology of Contemporary American and Russian Literature and Art (New York: Gnosis, 1982).


Selected Translations, by John Ashbery. Researching, collecting, editing, and introducing a volume of Ashbery’s translations of six decades from French prose and poetry. The collection is complete but awaits my editorial choices; I will also write an intro and biographies of each French author; the book will be sent to Harvard University Press and Carcanet Press (Manchester, England) in 2007-08.
Letters by John Ashbery. Researching, collecting, editing, and introducing a volume of Ashbery’s letters of five decades to his friends, including James Schuyler, Frank O’Hara, Kenneth Koch, Jane Freilicher, and Harry Mathews.


“Eugene Richie,” “Elaine Equi,” “Ange Mlinko,” “Marcella Durand,” “Star Black,” “Eilene Myles,” “The Groundwater Press,” “Tom Weatherly,” Encyclopedia of the New York School Poets. Ed. Terrence Diggory. New York: Facts on File Reference Series, 2009.
“Hudson 1993: A Tour of John Ashberys Home.” Rain Taxi Online Edition, Summer 2008. .
Selected Poems by Pierre Martory. Translated by John Ashbery. Co-edited with Eugene Richie. New York: Sheep Meadow Press; Manchester, England: Carcanet Press, 2007. Researching, collecting, and editing this volume was my responsibility.
Oh Lake, poems by Pierre Martory. Translated by John Ashbery. Co-edited with Eugene Richie. London: Artery Editions, forthcoming. Researching, collecting, and editing this volume was my responsibility.
“Ruth Stone: Gift from the Universe,” American Poetry Review, 2006.
“John Wheelwright,” “John Ash,” “Peter Gizzi,” “Michael Gizzi,” “Sandra Gilbert,” The Greenwood Encyclopedia of American Poetry. 7 vols. Eds. Jeffrey H. Gray, James McCorkle, and Mary Balkun. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 2006.
Other Traditions by John Ashbery. Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 2000. Researching and editing this volume was my responsibility.
“Sea Literature: Stories from Kings Point,” U. S. Military Academy, West Point, 1996.
“H. D.’s Helen in Egypt: Comment on the Lyric,” Sage¬treib.
“An Interview with Pierre Martory,” American Poetry Review, 1993.
“Falstaff and Father Silen,” Hellas, 1993.
“James Schuyler: Selected Poems,” American Poetry Review, 1989.
“Condemned to Memory” (Harry Mathews’ Cigarettes), Cover: Arts New York, 1988.
“Marianne Moore’s ‘Marriage’: A Study in Lexis,” New Interpretations of American Literature, ed. Richard Fleming and Michael Payne (Lewisburg, Pa.: Bucknell University Press, 1988).
“’A Tutelary Muse’: Marianne Moore and Elizabeth Bishop,” Marianne Moore: Woman and Poet
(Orono, ME: National Poetry Foundation, 1988).
“Marianne Moore and the New York School: Ashbery, O’Hara, Koch,” Sage¬treib, 1988.
“Helen of Troy: Her Myth in Modern Poetry,” Diss. 1986, Graduate School and University Center,
“Poetry Demonstrates Richness of Lyric” (Ruth Whitman’s Permanent Address), Jewish Week, 1982.


2010 John Ashbery, International Conference, Paris, France
2009 Special Session on Ruth Stone, Society for the Study of American Women Writers, Philadelphia
2006 “Ashbery’s Prose and Translations: Influences on Independent Publishing,” Editors’ Roundtable, Sixth Annual Juniper Literary Festival, University of Massachusetts Amherst, April
2006 “New Resources in Ashbery Studies,” International Ashbery Festival, New School for
Social Research, April
2000 “Sea Lit: Stories from Kings Point,” American Popular Culture Conference, New Orleans, LA
1999 Attended Poetry and Pedagogy Conference, Bard College Writing and Thinking Program,
Annandale-on-Hudson, June
“Sea Lit: Stories from Kings Point,” in SEA at CEA, College English Association Conference,
Philadelphia, April
1996 "A House Tour: John Ashbery's Paintings," and "Ruth Stone: Shaming the Ghost,"
National Poetry Foundation "American Poetry in the 1950s" Conference, Orono, ME.
"Introducing Cross-Curriculum Material into Writing Courses," Teaching Conference, West Point, NY.
1993 "Laura Riding: A Few Sources," NPF "American Poetry in the 1930s" Conference.
Panelist, "Poets and Publishers," Women's Book Association, New York.
1992 West Side YMCA Writer's Voice Seminar with the poet John Yau.
1989 "New York School Poetry," Faculty Round Table, USMMA.
1988 "Marianne Moore and the New York School," Northeast Modern Languages Association (NEMLA).
1987 "A Tutelary Muse: Moore's Influence on Elizabeth Bishop," NPF Conference and NEMLA. Vitae
1986 Chair, Marianne Moore Section, NEMLA.
1985 "Helen in Modern Poetry," NEMLA.
1984 "Marianne Moore's 'Marriage,'" NEMLA.
1983 "H.D.'s Helen in Egypt," NEMLA.


2001 Time & Space Limited, with John Ashbery, Ann Lauterbach, Eugene Richie, and others, Hudson, NY
2000 William Corbett’s Series, with John Yau, Boston
Canio’s Books, with Susan Baran, Sag Harbor, NY
National Arts Club, with Jaime Manrique, New York
1999 Pace University Honors, with Charles Norton, New York
Hudson Opera House, with John Ashbery and others
1998 KGB, with David Lehman
Hudson Opera House, with John Ashbery
1997 MIT, with Tomoyuki Iino
USMMA Round Table Reading and Discussion
1996 Biblios Bookstore, New York, with Star Black. Reading at USMMA Library.
1995 USMMA Library.
1994 With Mary du Passage at the New School for Social Research, NY.
1993 Bard College, series directed by John Ashbery, Annandale-on-Hudson.
Gnosis Press, New School, NY. The Writer's Voice, West Side YMCA.
1992 Intuflo with Susan Wheeler, Phoenix Gallery, Soho.
Paris-American Academy with Eugene Richie and Pierre Martory, Paris.
Gnosis Press with Victoria Andreyeva, New School, New York.
1991 Intuflo with Ruth Stone, Phoenix Gallery, Soho. M.I.T. with Pierre Martory and John Ashbery, Boston.
1989 Intuflo with Christopher Hewitt, Susan Schreiber Gallery, Soho.
1988 Intuflo with Tom Weatherly, Schreiber-Cutler Gallery, Soho.
Gnosis Press with Victoria Andreyeva, New School, New York.
Guest poet, Shelley Society of New York, CUNY Grad Center.
1987 Intuflo with Robert Thompson, Intuflo Hardware Store, 68 Columbus Avenue.
Gnosis Press group reading, Bowery Gallery, Soho.
1986 "New Voices, New York," group reading, Graduate Center, CUNY.
Solidaridad Humana, Spanish-English reading.
Department of Cultural Affairs, translations of Victoria Andreyeva.
1981 Gnosis Magazine Poets, group reading, Manhattan Cable broadcast.
Poetry New York group reading, CUNY Graduate Center.


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